Acceptable Use Policy

Here at gbj Imaging, we want nothing more than our clients to take advantage of the products and services we offer. Thus, this is why we felt it necessary to devise a policy to outline an acceptable use policy of our products and services we provide.

Audio Production

We provide affordable audio production, but there are some exceptions as to what we will do for our clients.

  1. gbj Imaging will not create, produce, modify or edit any audio content that takes advantage of our 1st Amendment right with hate speech, harassment or other negative message not inducive to the purpose of a business, organization or purpose of the message at hand.
  2. Our audio content is always delivered with the sole intention to be original. We will not reproduce, modify or edit any existing material unless it was originally created by us.
  3. Montage (snippets of audio) material must be owned by the person or entity ordering it. No exceptions!
  4. Clients will be refunded if the script or scripts of their order does not follow the notes or guidelines of that said item.
  5. Clients have seven days to ask for a redo of the item or items they purchased. If after the redo of the item or items and the client is still unsatisfied, they may ask for a refund.

Ad Campaigns

Our ad campaign packages are primarily dealt with our campaign partners themselves. We work to initiate a deal with the partner and negotiate the terms. There are some things we do need to inform you about though.

  1. All campaign packages can be cancelled by you or the campaign partner at anytime. You are held to the terms of service agreed upon by the campaign partner.
  2. Campaign Partners must keep the original price they initially agreed upon. If changes are made, existing customers are grandfathered in to the initial agreement and pay the the original price until they discontinue or the agreement is cancelled by the client.
  3. Campaigns must be legal and legitimate. Campaigns may vary depending on the campaign partner and client, as well as the message of the campaign itself.

Web Hosting / Design

Web hosting and design comes with certain restrictions. Please read the following acceptable uses of our hosting packages or design deals.

  1. Any hosting package that indicates ‘unlimited’ is not really unlimited, but a quota that we feel the typical client will never exceed.
  2. Users are responsible to delegate the allocated disk space on their hosting packages for all the included services like email and FTP.
  3. All web hosting packages were meant for web hosting only. Unauthorized use of your hosting package will result in your account being suspended and no refund will be issued.
  4. Web design work will not be completed until after the invoice for the pro-rated order is paid.
  5. gbj Imaging will not contribute in the effort to design any page or pages that promote violence, harassment or will be negative in nature and threaten or harm anyone or any entity. A full refund of the order will be returned if we feel its content violates this amendment.

Radio and Streaming

These are some of the acceptable uses for our radio and streaming packages that you should know about.

  1. Our clients are responsible for the content they play on there provided streaming servers.
  2. Users of our streaming packages will be informed if they come close to there bandwidth or disk space limits.
  3. If bandwidth or disk space is exceeded, accounts will be suspended with no refund of the stream hosting package.


Please keep in mind some of these acceptable uses when using or considering in investing in our TeamTalk servers.

  1. Our TeamTalk servers are always running the latest stable version of TeamTalk on the Ubuntu (a Linux distribution) environment.
  2. We estimate our max concurrent user counts. That said, we cannot promise or guarantee that there won’t be any decreases in service quality or performance. Please report all service interruptions or changes to us and we will investigate it further and will take the necessary actions to comply with our commitment in providing excellent service to all our customers.
  3. Administrative users can add, delete, edit, change or otherwise alter the way a TeamTalk server behaves in regards to it’s rooms or channels, user accounts and other various elements. Please exercise caution when giving this privilege to others. gbj Imaging will NOT take any responsibility in your decision to award administrative permissions to others and will charge you to restore your TeamTalk server to a previous state if even possible.
  4. A recent backup of your TeamTalk server can be requested for a fee that will be invoiced to you electronically. gbj Imaging is not liable for any changes between the version or state of your TeamTalk server is in or was in and is after the backup is sent or restored to.
  5. Moving or migrating a TeamTalk server is not promised or guaranteed to be successful for all users. gbj Imaging will only issue a full refund if the state of the TeamTalk server cannot safely and securely work with the XML file provided in a separate state or if there is no difference between a fresh install of a TeamTalk server. Another words, we will check the file for any corruption or other errors and determine if the file is different from the default XML file provided during the initial installation of a TeamTalk server.
  6. Our ‘File Sharing and Transferring’ feature is an addon that most users do not need, but is available to those that want it. It offers an “unlimited” disk quota. With that said, we remind our customers that there is only a finite amount of space available to delegate to your TeamTalk server. This value may be large enough most will never reach, but we do want to comply and assure our customers that in most cases, we can offer enough space for your TeamTalk server to accept and receive files that should satisfy most, if not all our clients.
  7. Files shared on our TeamTalk servers are not protected and we do not take any responsibility for any loss or damages as a result, whether it be on your end or ours. Please use caution when considering a file transfer or sharing files with others.
  8. You have the right to supersize the freedom of speech, expression, religion and press on our TeamTalk servers, so long as it does not harm any individual, group or entity, whether it be physically, emotionally, psychologically, mentally, financially or any other form that can be proven. gbj Imaging will not take any responsibility in the activity that occurs on any of it’s TeamTalk servers it hosts and will comply with the authorities or law enforcement if it is required by the local, state or federal levels of any country or region.
  9. gbj Imaging is obligated to provide an equal service to all users, regardless of race, gender, religion or other ethical attributes of an individual that may be considered different from the norm. gbj Imaging reserves the right to terminate service though if a customer is not complying with our Acceptable Use Policy and can prove it with physical evidence.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns regarding our Acceptable Use Policy, we ask that you contact us right away.