Acceptable Use Policy

Here at gbj Imaging, we want nothing more than our clients to take advantage of our audio work we offer. Thus, this is why we felt it necessary to devise a policy to outline an acceptable use policy of the audio work we provide.

  1. gbj Imaging will not create, produce, modify, or edit any audio content that takes advantage of our 1st Amendment right with hate speech, harassment, or other forms of a negative message that puts a disparaging image on an individual, organization, or entity.
  2. Our audio content is always delivered with the sole intention to be original. We will not reproduce, modify, or edit any existing material unless it was originally created by us or is owned by the client and is royalty-free.
  3. Montage (snippets of audio) material must be owned by the client. No exceptions! We’ll reach out to the client if there is a specific piece of the content the client is looking for but must be 8 seconds or less to avoid license issues.
  4. Clients will be refunded if the script or scripts of their order does not follow these notes or guidelines or if we see an issue that may be considered a conflict of interest.
  5. Clients have seven days to ask for a redo of the item or items they purchased from its delivery date. If after the redo of the item or items and the client is still unsatisfied, they may ask for a refund within seven days from the reissued date.
  6. Clients seeking other services such as campaign advice for commercials, promos, or PSAs do so at there own discretion and will not hold any responsibility or liability on gbj Imaging.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding our Acceptable Use Policy, we ask that you contact us right away.