Thinking of using gbj Imaging as your web hosting provider? Awesome! We have three great packages to choose from. Down below, you'll find the packages with the features they include in a comparison chart. Should you have questions, comments or concerns, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to get back to you as soon as we can!

  Freebee Basic Economy Premium
Disk Space
Packages include 5 GB of bandwidth.
2 GB 25 GB 50 GB 75 GB
POP3, IMAP and Forwarding.
-- 25 50 Unlimited*
FTP Accounts
Packages include one master account.
-- 25 50 Unlimited*
Mailing Lists
Uses the Mailman mailing list client.
-- 2 4 Unlimited*
MySQL Databases
Softaculous Addons require MySQL.
1 25 50 Unlimited*
Your control panel.
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Includes addons, aliases and parked.
-- 1 2 3
Second-level Domain /
Yes Optional Optional Optional
-- 25 50 Unlimited*
Backup Feature
Includes backup and restore!
-- Yes Yes Yes
All scripting languages supported!
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Softaculous Addons
Easy installation Wizards!
Yes Yes Yes Yes
SSH Support
Secure Shell Support
-- Yes Yes Yes
Web Design Help
Get help with forms and other pages!
-- -- -- Yes
Stream Hosting (NEW!)
Icecast-KH / SHOUTcast v1 or v2
Note:  AutoDJ is not included. You can review all our streaming packages here.
-- -- 50 Listeners at 128kbps and 50 GB Bandwidth
Include Stream Hosting?

Include AutoDJ?
150 Listeners at 128kbps and 150 GB Bandwidth
 (2x BONUS!)

Include Stream Hosting?

Include AutoDJ?
Technical Support
Technical Support by Email!
Yes Yes Yes Yes
Technical Support
Technical Support by Phone!
-- Yes Yes Yes
One Month Free Trial
Try us out for 30 days and pay nothing!
-- Yes -- --
Setup Fee
Setup fees apply for streaming servers.*
-- -- $30* $30*
Price: FREE!
Learn more!
    Save 10% on the
yearly subscription!
Save 15% on the
yearly subscription!
Save 20% on the
yearly subscription!

*All users must follow our Acceptable Use Policy.
*Streaming Server Setup Fees are nonrefundable.

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gbj Pay-Per-Page

Don't need a web hosting package and would rather pay-per-page instead? We offer that as well. Paying per page is useful when you need something specific done on your website and have no idea how to do it or need to be shown how. We charge a flat rate per page, as long as it is under 50,000 characters. We'll even edit existing pages and calculate for the edited work only. Pages exceeding this limit will be charged $0.01 per-character. Clients will be given the page as is once the 50,000 character limit is reached and another once the page is complete, only when the invoice we send out has been paied and if they opted to pay for each additional character of course.

Character Limit:
  • Character count is calculated with HTML, Javascript, PHP and other various coded languages.
  • Clients are delivered the finished product by email. The file is zipped in a compressed (zipped) folder.
  • Clients are given the file as is, if they opted not to pay anymore than the flat rate per page.
  • The client will not receive the finished file until an invoice with the difference has been paid in full, if they opted to continue paying per character.

*The listed price above is before the character limit.
After 50,000 characters, it's $0.01 per character.


All purchases are made using PayPal. Your payment will be made immediately. Once you've finished making your payment, you'll be taken to a confirmation page. This page will discuss in detail what is needed from you next. Also, any sale, special event, or promotional stunts will be credited after you've completed our order form and we've contacted you. Again, if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us at anytime!