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Audio Project Order Form

Please fill out our order form to the best of your ability. All fields with a red asterisk (*) are required of you.

Contact Details:
We use this informaiton to contact you, in case we have any questions about your order. The more details you add, the better we can reach you.

Item Details:
Provide details to all the items you ordered.
Number of Items:
This is the number of items purchased. This is not the number of audio files, but the number of items you ordered. The Item Name is clearly marked on your PayPal statement. Please be sure to also include all quantities of each item as well.
For Example:
Purchasing two 15-Second Sweepers is a total of two items, but three gbj Stinger Packs are three items and not thirty, even though each gbj Stinger Pack contains ten audio files.
Talley up all your items you ordered, so we can provide a rough estimated time of arrival. We also ask for this data, because you'll need to provide a script, some notes, and choose a voice talent for each item purchased.
Note: There is a maximum of eight items per order. If you purchased or need to purchase more, order them separately.

  In the fields below, provide the names of each item you purchased, along with a script for that particular item, any notes and your voice talent choice.
  • Item Name - The type of item that you've chosen from us. This is clearly marked on your PayPal statement.
  • Voice Talent - This option allows you to choose from a male or female voice talent for an item name. You can even choose from a combination as well.
  • Script - The words or message that you want said in the given item name, by either a male or female voice. If you want a combonation, be sure to specify the scripts for each voice talent under the notes.
  • Notes - A set of instructions for the particular item name. This may include; sound effects, voice effects, a specific style of background music, the approach or feeling you want this item name to send. Other notes may include; script instructions for multiple voice talent, pronounciation of the word or words in the script, montages and related info that you think we should know about. Each note or instruction should be separated on a new line.
  For Example:
  • Name:
    15-Second Sweeper
  • Talent:
    Gene Johnson
  • Script:
    If it's music you want, then it's music you'll get! More great tunes comin' at ya', exclusively on your favorite radio station!
  • Notes:
    • "If it's music you want" should come from the left channel.
    • "then it's music you'll get!" should come from the right channel.
    • "More great tunes comin' at ya'," should be thin and centered with some flanger.
    • "exclusively on your favorite radio station!" should be bold, have chorus effects, and spread out on all speakers.
    • I want a heavy metal rock approach, with nice metal sounding music in the background with attention grabbing sound effects.
  This sample above is a prime example of a well written order. Be specific, add your feelings that you want others to hear on the item name, under the notes. The descriptive you are, the more and likely it is that we'll get your order right and the happier you'll be on how it turns out!
Remember, there are guidelines for each type of order. Be sure to read all the notes on the Audio Production Order Page, before you begin writing them out below.
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Additional Details:
If you have additional information that you'd like to share or add any notes, upload audio that we need to use, do so here.
If you have any content that we should add into your audio project, such as your own voice work or a selection for a montage, you can send them along with your oder quickly and easily.
  • Must be of an audio file format.
    (i.e. '.aif', '.aiff', '.flac' ,'.m4a', '.mp3', '.ogg', '.wav' and '.wma')
  • Max file size of 50 MB.
If your uploaded files do not fit this criteria, please ignore and leave a note below in the 'Special Instructions' field below.

Special Instructions:
If you have special instructions that you would like to leave for us, this area is where you can do just that. Whether it's instructions on where we should send your finished project, notes about adjustments you'd like made to a specific order or other related notes, leave it down below.