Free second-level domain!

We all know about the .com’s, .net’s and other domains out there, but not to many people know about what a second-level-domain is. The few that do know what they are and take advantage of free web hosting! Well, gbj Imaging has been offering free web hosting with it’s own custom second-level domain’s now since 2016. If this sounds intriguing to you, why not get a web hosting account with us?

We may not be able to offer everything that the other web hosting providers can, but we can assure you that our second-level domain’s are search engine friendly. The issue that some of these hosting providers and there domain’s cause is that the domain’s they offer are blocked by search engine’s, because of there shady web addresses. Our ‘’ and ‘’ domain’s are search engine friendly and are accepted by all search engine’s that we know of.

If you’re still confused as to what a second-level domain is, we’ll do our best to explain it as best as we can! A second-level domain is basically a subdomain. Basically, you’re using our purchased ‘’ and ‘’ domain’s, but with your own prefix address (i.e., or are just some examples.) Bottom line, your name is tacked on the front of our domain followed by a period or in website terminology, a dot!

You can get a second-level domain free with a ‘Freebee Web Hosting’ package with us for life! All ‘Freebee Web Hosting’ packages come with 2GB of disk space and bandwidth, 5 email and FTP accounts, 1 MySQL database and more! It’s perfect for the person starting out and wanting to get there feet wet. It’s not meant to offer a lot, but it does help those with a tight budget or want to learn the basics of operating a website.

Of course, we don’t just offer free web hosting, we do offer a basic and premium web hosting package as well. Each with there own special offers. For more information about all our web hosting packages we offer, visit our Web Hosting / Design page under the Services link and see what we can offer you!