Pointing your domain!

If you are an individual unhappy with your current web hosting provider or are looking for one and already have a domain, then this short tutorial will help you to point your domain with your current registrar to an outside hosting provider.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to point your domain to your hosting provider. For obvious reasons, we’ll be using our nameservers in this example, but just know that you’d replace the nameserver details with your own, if you’re not pointing your domain to our nameservers.

  1. Login to your domain registrar!

    “Really? You’re telling me to login to my domain registrar?” Yes! You’d be surprised on how many people don’t even know what a domain registrar is! A domain registrar is a provider to house your domain. In most cases, a lot of your hosting providers will do this for you. However, you can get just a domain and you can point it elsewhere. A prime example of this is GoDaddy! We wouldn’t recommend them personally, but the choice is yours!

  2. Find the nameserver information for your domain!

    Depending on your domain registrar, you need to find the area where you can change the nameserver details for your domain. In the case of Misk, our preferred domain registrar, you find your way to the ‘Control Panel’ and select your domain. It should pull up the summery information of your domain, but it also gives you a link called ‘Nameservers’ and once you follow that link, it allows you to change the information.

  3. Change the nameserver details!

    Nameserver Details

    You’ve found the nameserver details, so let’s change the details. Shall we? First off, keep in mind, these changes can take some time. However, in the event you are switching to gbj Imaging’s nameservers, it whouldn’t be to long of a wait! You’ll see four edit fields, you only need to work with the first two! Do not enter the other two edit fields, unless your hosting provider has specifically told you to do so! If you’re switching to us, then you only need to worry about the first two fields. Just change the fields to the values listed below!

    Field 1: ns1.gbjimaging.net
    Field 2: ns2.gbjimaging.net

    Once you’ve done that, just hit the update button or in the case of your domain registrar, just be sure to save your changes before navigating away from the page.

That’s it! You’re all done! That wasn’t to painful now, was it? Once your domain is pointing to your web hosting provider’s DNS servers, you can then let your web hosting provider know and they’ll go ahead and get to there part and ensure your hosting package is fulfilled. In the case of gbj Imaging, we ask that you have your domain already pointing to our DNS server before you sign up for web hosting with us, because we can’t do much until it is. That’s the case with most hosting providers as well. Regardless, there’s your tutorial on how to point your domain to your hosting provider!